What you can do for Hauturu


  • Tell your friends about the Trust.

  • Encourage them to subscribe to the Trust’s newsletter.

    • The best way to support the trust is by subscription. Donations are also welcome. All subscriptions and donations are directed towards activities that are of benefit to Hauturu.

    • Your subscription ensures that you receive Hauturu, the Trust’s newsletter. It is published twice yearly and brings up-to-date news from and about the Island.

    • If you wish to become a supporter, please contact the Trust’s secretary, Sandra Jones on (09)-817-2788 or [email protected].

  • Remove plant pests from your garden and plant “friendly alternatives”. Ask your Council or local nursery for advice.

  • Contribute to Island protection by volunteering for weed control and restoration projects in coastal Regional Parks, such as Tawharanui.

  • Become involved in future Trust activities. Dates for forthcoming Working Weekends on Hauturu are published on the website.

  • Participate in one of the Department of Conservation’s volunteer programmes on Hauturu. Please contact DOC’s Volunteer Coordinator: [email protected].

  • Donate to the Trust and support our work on Little Barrier Island.

Did you know?
Hauturu is one of the few remaining sites where both species of native bat (short- and long-tailed) are present - most important for the parasitic pua o te reinga (“the flower of the underworld”), also known as the wood rose, Dactylanthus taylorii, as it is pollinated by the short-tailed bat. Hauturu is the only site in the Auckland region for Dactylanthus and for two other nationally threatened plants, the giant–flowered broom (Carmichaelia williamsii ) and the red mistletoe (Peraxilla tetrapetala ).